Sunday, December 28, 2008

Four years ago today...

....I became a Mommy when they placed Shaye in my arms. It was right around this time of day, too, that Caroline called with the news (2pm)!

Happy metcha/cake day my sweet little love!!!!

My first glimpse of you 12/28/04

Mommy and her girl

Then two years later to the exact day, my Laela came from the hospital and joined our family (I still think it's so bizarre that Shaye and Laela have the same metcha day!)

Laela on her coming home day

Laela at Annabeth & Mayela's wedding

December 28, 2004 was the happiest day of my life. Today is a VERY special day for me. :D

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Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

Maddy, you have a BEAUTFIUL family!
congrats on four wonderful years, and 3 beautiful daughters!!