Thursday, December 4, 2008

The love of a big sister

All 3 girls are running up and down the hall, screaming, in Princess shoes - CHAOS! It's sheer CHAOS!! I love listening to that sometimes (when I'm not cranky! LOL!) and today is one of those days that I am just letting them do their sister thing. They are all really into each other right now

This is what just ensued:

Laela: :::WAILING::::comes running to Mommy::::
Mommy: What happened? ::::picking up the wailing baby::::
Shaye: Mommy, I just slipped in the hallway in my socks and landed on Laela.
Mommy: Aww..poor baby. :::telling Laela that she is ok::::
Laela: Stops screaming bloody murder and is now just whimpering

So, I put Laela down and tell Shaye to give her a hug so she understands that you didn't mean to hurt her and Shaye says,

"Laela, I'm sorry. Do you want to play now? Come on baby sister."

:::clopCLOPclopCLOP::: And they all run off down the hallway screaming again.


Courtney and Jason said...

Your girls never cease to amaze me. They are so darn precious!

kim said...

I love that. Last night we were moving some stuff to the new house, and we had the kids in separate cars and when we got home, J RAN over to N and gave him a hug like she hadn't seen him in ages. SO CUTE.

Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

How sweet! I love moments like that between siblings!