Sunday, December 21, 2008

Birth parents!

It's really bizarre to me that we met Naia's birthmom and just a few weeks later we met Shaye's birthmom (before Laela was born). Then on Thanksgiving we met Naia's birthfather and today we got to meet Shaye's paternal aunt, grandmother and great grandmother! We didn't get to see her birthfather, but we did get pictures of photo's they had. Immediately, when I saw her biological aunt I was STUNNED! I always knew that Shaye must resemble the paternal side of her dna than maternal....and DOES she! Holy crap. There is no denying who her paternal birth family is!!! I will be posting some photos on my account for those of you on my protected list. I can't wait to meet him someday. We also found out that Shaye's paternal ethnicity is Mexican, French, and Native American. We know on her maternal side it is Chilean.

In other birthmom news, my Mommy is going to be here tomorrow at 4pm!!! YAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I am so excited that my Mom will be spending Christmas and Laela's birthday with us. It will be the first time she has ever met Laela and only the 2nd time she has met Shaye and Naia!! I hate that she won't fly (she's on an Amtrak train at this very moment!) so that we could see her more often. But this will definitely be a Holly Jolly Christmas for my family!


Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

WOW! great news. I know how important it is for you to know more about the girl's birth families.
ENJOY having your mommy there for the holidays!!

Courtney and Jason said...

What a great blog. I hope you all enjoy the time with your Mom!