Thursday, August 21, 2008

What can you buy for .49 cents AND my children the future Olympians

It's amazing the things you can find in a thrift store!!!!  

Since I was close to my favorite all time thrift store today ;), I decided to just run in for 20 minutes and see what was around.  They get thousands of new items daily and I just can't resist a good bargain when I'm that close.

I bought this Three Little Pigs storyboard "puppet" set at Lakeshore Learning and we've never really used it because I didn't buy (or make) the board/glove that you use with them.  Today I found this for FORTY NINE CENTS and can't stand how perfect it is!  Much better than the board or glove.

Thrift find - felt board book
Thrift find - felt board book
Thrift find - felt board book
Thrift find - felt board book

I made a bundle of sticks and hay and used legos for bricks and VOILA! How cool is this? The girls are going to love helping act out the story. Have any of you read "The three little wolves and the big bad pig?" Oh, I highly recommend it.

I put these little props together for the book (see notes)

Caroline and I were laughing so hard last night. The Olympics have sucked our kids in. I love sports (mostly snowboarding and motocross) and we have been watching the Olympics faithfully every night. The kids get a kick out of the gymnastics and diving the most.

Michael Phelps, watch out!

Michael Phelps watch out!
My kids are in SUCH Olympic mode right now
I am so buying Naia a BMX bike and taking her to the BMX track by our house. She kept saying "watch more bikes, Mommy!" and "I do that!" last night when I was watching a DVR'd Olympic BMX semi-finals. She was *INTO* it (and that is an understatement). Here she is on the "BMX bed track". Then she crashes and says "I'm ok". God, she's a funny kid. Note the last picture of the crashed bike on the TV. She even re-enacted the crash! LOL!

Naia watching Olympic BMX semi-finals and acting out the race
Taking a spill on the "BMX bed track"
Taking a spill on the "BMX bed track"
Don't worry mom...I'm good.  I'm ok.  Really.
See...I'm ok.


Sara said...

Hahaha!! Naia is cracking me up in those pics! What a cool kid. They all are. They have a pretty cool mom, too! ;)

Sara said...

Hey! I posted some pictures on Xanga that I think you'll appreciate :) Hope you and the fam are having a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures of Naia scare me! What a brave little girl.

My address book has been lost in the packing shuffle at my house, so I don't have your # either. You'll have to email me.