Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sister squabble

Squabble overheard at my house moments ago:

Shaye: ::running down the hallway screaming and throwing a fit because Naia did something first::::
Me:  Shaye, PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD be quiet!!  You are going to wake Laela up!
Shaye:  :::screaming even louder and crying::::
Me:  :::sigh::: God dammit.

Moments later I walked into the bedroom where Shaye dramatically threw herself on the bed and told her she needed to go into Laela's room and tell her that she's sorry for waking her up.

Naia:  I go to and tell Laela sorry!
Shaye: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NAIA!!!  You can't tell Laela you're sorry because you didn't do it!  I DID!!
Naia:  I go to.  Laela?
Shaye:  :::crying and throwing a fit:::: NO NAIA!! I'M GOING TO TELL LAELA I'M SORRY!

So, off Shaye runs into Laela's room saying, "I'm sorry for waking you up Laela.  Naia didn't do it.  I did."

Now, all 3 of them are in Laela's room laughing their heads off.

Just a day in the life of 3 children 3 and under.


Anonymous said...

I think that I would have to be committed if I were you. The bickering between my own two leaves me frazzled. A third would surely send me over the edge.

Courtney & Jason said...

Awww how cute that they apologized for waking lil sis up.

RYC: Ok see the Dr did say we could do it in the thigh, as well as in her tummy or arm if she wanted to, and it did not say that the lupron needs to be refrigerated just the follistim cartridges needed to be in the fridge. Do you think maybe we should put it in the fridge? Her HCG shot is going to be in her butt/hip area. I am using a different form of progesterone I do not have to do the injections I get to vaginal suppositories so I'm pretty excited about that. I told my mom she has to swab the top of the bottle from here on out haha

Courtney & Jason said...

I am totally going to soak up every minute of this. I've already asked Hubby to paint my toenails and he said No lol but that he will happily oblige once I am pregnant hehe.

Girl I am getting so damn nervous because I still have not started my period yet. =[

Ashley said...

Heehee, that's sweet that she wanted to apologize at least. I don't know how you moms of more than one do it though!

Btw - you put so much love and passion into your posts! Almost all of them make me tear up and almost cry!

Re: the x comment - Kei's banked through SAFE forever so we'll be covered, but it's still stresses me out a bit. I just feel like I'm watching from the sidelines and wish there was some way I could make an effect on the process though.

I'm soooo chatting with you about kindy and martial arts stuff, but we're heading out the door and I don't want to leave a novel in your comments, haha!