Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Real Estate

Before becoming a mommy, I took the CA Real Estate exam and passed.  I interviewed my first broker (Prudential) on 12/27/04 knowing that I would not work for this company (it was a starting point to hone my skills).  On 12/28/04, my little Shaye was placed in my arms, and on 12/29/04 the broker called and asked what I thought and if I wanted to work with her company.  I declined saying that I had just become a mommy "last night" and it was really funny to hear her reaction (I didn't LOOK pregnant ;) Heh.)   But from that day on I have never put my license to work.  

However, with the horrible real estate market these days, I have mentioned to Caroline (in brief passing in the hallway - LOL!) that we should purchase a investment or two so that in 12 years we will have a little nest egg in equity that might help pay for some steep college tuition for 3 children.  
I have two very good friends that are real estate agents and I think I might start talking to them about my little pipe dream.  I'm not sure that I would activate my license quite yet, but I need to do some research.  A friend is buying a new construction home in a new development that has a very appealing price tag, so Caroline and I need to do some thinking and research about this.  We already know that we could rent to family members so that we wouldn't have to worry about delinquent payments, so it just seems like the perfect time to buy that rental home.

I just heard that the San Francisco market is down 29% (TWENTY NINE PERCENT!) over the last year with median house price going from something like $615K to $435K.  Can you believe that?  $435K for a home in the SF area?  Yeah, now is the time to buy those rentals!!!!!


Courtney & Jason said...

I seriously cannot believe how much houses are out there. Jason and I purchased our home for $76k, its 3 bed 2 bath, 1 car garage, 1150sq ft. Full 3/4 finished basement.

It just amazes me how much the housing market is from here in Michigan to all the way out there =]

Steph said...

I can't wait to hear what the two of you end up doing. Sounds exciting.

Catching up here...congrats on "making it legal" for Laela. What a relief! The photos are gorgeous, as always!

And I'd like to hear more about your love/hate relationship with Dr. Laura, lol.