Friday, March 13, 2009

A tale of a birth father....

Today when I went to pick Shaye and Naia up from school, Shaye's teacher Ms. K caught me in the lobby and said, "I have to tell you another great Shaye story" with a huge smile on her face. One of the kids said something about her having a dad and this is the dialogue that went on at the lunch table:

Little friend "G": something blah blah blah dad something something Shaye blah blah blah (not sure how the convo started)
Shaye: (very non-chalantely as she was eating her cream cheese sandwich at the lunch table): I don't have a dad. I have a BIRTH dad named Danny. And I have a birth mom named Lisa.
Little friend "H": OoooOOooooo...Danny is a beautiful name.
Shaye: Yeah, and Naia has a birth mom. Her name is April. And Lisa is Laela's birth Mom, too.

Ms. K said the conversation went on and on and Shaye explained the whole story about her adoption and how she has a Mommy and Mama and who grew in who's belly - all the while talking about it like it was any other story. I have to say that I was actually stunned!! I knew that the subject would come up eventually about a) the fact that she has two Mom's and b) that she was adopted. I just never realized this would all start in PREschool. Of course we talk to them about their adoption and birth parents all the time (pictures and video included), but I have always wondered how much of it has really made sense to them. I guess it makes sense as it would to a 4 year old! I have always prayed that she would handle it EXACTLY the way she did. Ms. K said that if she ever wanted to bring in pictures of her birth parents to share, she could do that and they would talk about adoption. I love her teacher and how they all make our family feel "normal" and our kids feel safe to discuss their story at school.

What a warm and fuzzy way to start a weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a mature little girl you have. Adoption is such a big concept for little minds to wrap around but it sounds like Shaye has a great grasp on it. Good job, Maddy!

Courtney and Jason said...

Little Shaye always amazes me. She is such an intelligent little girl. Oh how I do wish you lived closer I would so love to meet your beautiful family and of course you my friend.