Monday, March 9, 2009

Proud Mama

Shaye has been so cute over the last 3 days. She started a job on Thursday called The Hundreds Board. Basically, it's a board that is numbers 1-100 and she has to put them in order.

Her teacher said she was extremely focused on the job and was concerned that she couldn't finish it all in one day, so they kept it under an easel in the library area so she could continue on Friday. On Friday, she pulled it out and worked on it again and still didn't finish it (it really does take a 4 year old quite some time and a lot of concentration to go from 1-100). So, today I asked her what job she picked at school today and she said, "Mommy, I am so proud of myself. I finished the hundreds board today." The kindergarten teacher had been working with her in her classroom and said that she is doing so well and she was very, very focused on completing her job.

I am so proud of you, too, my little angel. xoxo

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Courtney and Jason said...

Awww that is a proud moment indeed.