Wednesday, February 4, 2009

She rocks my world!

I just got my mail and this is the incredible card I just received from Caroline's dear Grandmother. It's a beautiful card with 4 little kids painting a mural.


Urgency compels me to get paper so I can talk to you (even one-sided) because too much time goes by that I let the important things get left unsaid. I chose this note because we share a deep interest in welfare of citizens-of-the-world like these pictured, and I always admire the way you have taken on the HUGE job of doing what is in the best interest of each one of those voluntarily in your care to fit them for tomorrow's world. There is no end to the wish list in ideal circumstances, and I admire the zeal and commitment you and Caro have on their behalf.

[sideline: Elba came in early to M's birthday celebration with Naia, saying "she doesn't feel well." echoed by Naia herself. Within 10 minutes of the arrival of A's 3 boys she was leading the hilarious parade around the "traffice circle" in my house - orchestrated by the oldest boy, S, -of course he's too sophisticated to run - the rest are not!]

I thought right then that you needed to know how many times, how many times as I met one-after-the-other-happy-smiling-faces and thought that I wished you were here - you too might have relaxed just as I did.

There will be other times, too - I just needed to say how easily Caro made Shaye's experience into a happy one also - just with a few quiet words. This kind of loving restrained discipline is SO hard to notice while it is happening - you both need confirmation that it is working whether or not the moment is tranquil. Have I told you of the most excellent pre-school teacher who told me about one of my offspring? "Don't worry - by Kindergarten they all walk and talk and go to the bathroom"!!

And so much more - and we will have more chances to talk, too.

With love,
Grandma Judy

WOW!!! I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of this family. I am not sure what I did in a previous life to have so much love in my world.

I love you Grandma Judy! xoxo

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