Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Self love

I had semi-low self esteem growing up. I mean, I didn't dwell on it, but like most pre-teens and teens I thought I was "too this" or "too that" or "not enough this" or "not enough that". I always promised myself that when I had kids, I would make sure they always knew they were beautiful and smart and that they should love who they are. My parents were awesome parents and they would tell me they loved me, but it was never over the top affection.

Anyway, this is the note that Shaye's teacher handed me yesterday:

Maddy & Caroline,

I had to share with you what Shaye said in circle to all her friends. It was beautiful! She said, "I love myself because being me is who I am." She is amazing!

Ms. K

I have to say when I read that note I wanted to hug her teacher. Not only did she NOTICE the beauty in that statement, but she took the time to write it down exactly how Shaye said it so that I would have it. She told me that she had to quickly grab a notecard and write it down because she didn't want to forget what she said. Then she said, "You are doing EVERYTHING right with her, Maddy. She is truly a special little girl." I was just beaming with pride and had to choke back the tears.

I can not say enough that this school is everything I dreamed of for my children. These years are SO incredibly crucial to their development and we couldn't have picked a more loving, engaging, caring environment for them to learn in. We just found out at a parent info. night last night that they are now considering buying a large piece of property across the street and building a larger school. This means that they are looking into expanding their kindergarten program into a 1st grade program and were hoping to know something in a couple of weeks. Because this is the first year of their kindy program they said that they didn't want to watch the children leave kindergarten only to have to leave the Montessori realm and everything they have learned up to this point. Crap, I'm worried about 9th grade!!! If we get into the K-8 charter school we are home free. I'm thinking Sudbury school for high school unless, of course, the charter school expands to 12th. ;) We have some time to think about that, but the thought of my kids EVER leaving a Montessori environment really bums me out. :(

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