Monday, February 2, 2009

Name dropping

Since reconnection with a lot of people on Facebook, I've come to realize that I know a lot of very famous and successful people!! A friend of mine from high school went off to LA wayyyy back in the day and I knew that she was one of the characters on the re-make of WKRP in Cincinnati and I just found out she has one of the leading roles on Army Wives! WOW! We played on the Varsity softball team in high school and that girl would throw the ball so fucking hard that I dreaded a hit to center field (I was the short stop). Covering 2nd base when Wendy Davis threw the ball, well, you kinda prayed that you'd still have a head when the play was over. Also, a friend of mine from Baltimore that I used to play around town with (we were both in bands) has a very successful band playing kid's music. They are called Milkshake and they ROCK! Anybody who has ever watched Jack's Big Music show is familiar with them (they do the Bottle of Sunshine song. Lisa is the one in the tutu). I highly recommend them. They are in the Laurie Berkner vein. You know, songs that rock out and won't annoy the parents. We just got a huge package in the mail today from Lisa and the girls were so excited. They think it's cool that Mommy is friends with a "rock star" ;) Oh, if they only knew how many of those I met when I worked at Sony/BMG. Heh.

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