Thursday, April 2, 2009

OMG WE'RE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the call this afternoon that Shaye will be starting her kindy year at a local Montessori charter school that goes K-8!! I am BEYOND stoked about this. We applied at 2 campuses and the one she got picked for is really awesome and I am very happy about it!!!! Oh, man...I am so RELIEVED!! Naia and Laela will also get to go there since they have sib priority. Can I tell everybody what a huge relief it is knowing that your education hopes and dreams for your child is coming to fruition? WHEW! Oh, I pray this is the right decision. It feels right. :)

Naia will stay in our private Montessori preschool until she starts kindy. And we may enroll Laela this August in pre-school, but she won't be going to kindy until 2012, so we may wait for awhile to enroll her.

GAHHHH!! I'm so excited I can barely stand it!


Kimberley said...

Oh that's so awesome!!! Congrats!!! I'm so hoping the twins get the same opportunity!!

Courtney and Jason said...

YAY. that is so awesome!

Anonymous said...


Courtney and Jason said...

Thanks for the supportive comment sweetie. It has been hard having to deal with peoples insensitivity. I am going to be straight up with the next person who is insensitive to me or to Jason.

Here's the link to the tattoo They have a couple of other heart designs and other designs with initials. I love the idea as well.