Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anthony Michael

New baby birth brother Anthony

New baby birth brother Anthony

How can my heart not ache for him?

We had a great visit with Lisa today and baby Anthony is precious (HUGE nose, but precious. Heh.) Lisa truly is an amazing woman despite her past history with her pregnancies and birth children. She has stopped smoking, is clean, and Anthony's dad seems to be a hard worker and is love with his new son. It's hard, but seeing the situation with my own eyes gives me a little hope. Everything is in order and she has the things she needs for a baby. She was attentive, however out of the 4 hours we were there I think I held him 3 hours and 45 min. She changed his diaper and made him a bottle and she actually looked like she knew what she was doing. Her neice is there with her and they are getting a lot of help from family members, so I can only hope that this baby is on the path he was meant to be on.

But I did whisper in his ear that I wish he was mine.

New baby birth brother Anthony


Courtney said...

He is absolutely precious!

Anonymous said...

That absolutely breaks my heart. Look at that baby! Does Lisa have some strong genes or what? He looks just like a baby Shaye.


Maddy said...

OMG Chloe! I said the same thing!!! I couldn't believe how much he looked like Shaye as a newborn. She does have some seriously strong genes, man. It's CRAZY!!!!!