Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthfathers and bio sisters

We finally got to meet Naia's birth father!!! On Thanksgiving he was at her birthmom's house, so we took a drive over. He's a really quiet guy that was EXTREMELY nervous about meeting us. He's definitely tall (6'4") and he said that he is also part German. Something we did not know. He was very nice and it was great meeting him on Thanksgiving so that we could tell him and her birthmom, together, how very thankful we are four our little Naia Blueberry. I'll have pictures once I have a sec to download.

We also got to spend the day yesterday with Shaye's 6 year old biological sister. Shaye cried so hard when she had to leave. It broke my heart into a bazillion pieces. Her bio sis was also heartbroken and we told her that when she comes over for Laela's birthday that she could have a sleep over that weekend with us. She and her father moved out of West Sac and are now living in a beautiful (I can't stress this enough!) foothill community that is AWESOME! She is in a much better school and out of the influence of West Sac. I am just so happy for that little girl and I am so grateful that Shaye and Laela will grow up knowing her. Oh, and do I have some incredible pics of the day.

More to come....

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